IELTS teaching in Central London -
we specialise in courses for anyone who needs 7.0 and above.

our philosophy

At SCORE 7+ you get:

  • small classes (maximum 10 students)
  • individual attention
  • personal feedback
  • two teachers per class
  • clear learning targets
  • effective exam strategies
  • a holistic approach

Our Philosophy

To succeed at IELTS, you need:
  • a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses
  • realistic learning targets so that you use your time effectively
  • well-developed study skills
  • a good foundation in English grammar and vocabulary
  • a sense of how to use published and online materials in the best way possible
  • teachers who know how the IELTS exam is set, organized and marked
As teachers, we:
  • have a very clear idea of what skills you need to get a score of 7 and above
  • teach exam strategies that are really effective if you are willing to work hard
  • know how to build on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses
  • can help you develop effective study skills
  • have the experience and enthusiasm to get the best out of our students
More of what students find particularly hard and what we can help you with
  • understanding for detail
  • understanding directions on maps
  • following lectures
  • understanding rapid speech and different accents
  • understanding graphs, tables, charts and maps and using data correctly
  • structuring Task 1 reports
  • answering Task 2 appropriately
  • using grammar accurately
  • using a good range of vocabulary across the main topics
  • writing cohesively
  • skimming and scanning
  • using different kinds of key words to locate information
  • matching headings to paragraphs
  • True/False/Not Given and Yes/No/Not Given
  • completing summary texts
  • intonation
  • pronunciation
  • preparing and presenting ideas in Part 2
  • giving extended answers in Part 3
  • using a good range of vocabulary across the main topics
  • answering questions with good cohesion
  • sounding natural and confident

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